Grade 1 to 8

Grade 1

Grade one is an exciting year for both students and their parents. It begins the first year of formal education for children. As well as teaching the subjects mandated by the Department of Education for the province of Alberta, we here at St. Anthony School also have the privilege of accompanying students in their exploration of God. We seek to create a sense of belonging to a great tradition of faith and a people of God. To do this we incorporate stories and the students’ imaginations within the context of the Bible, the Word of God. Also through ritual and celebrations throughout the year, the children come to know Jesus and what it means to belong to God. Our circle of children, candle, story shawl, listening gestures and Bible centre all help to engage the children in their journey of faith.

Grade 2

Grade two is an exciting year of learning! In grade two we use a beach ball with its circular shape as a reminder that the children belong to our class community and the greater Eucharistic community. We begin the year with a Friendship Celebration. Some of the students celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion in the Spring. Grade two topics of interest are learning about magnets, small crawling and flying animals and three Canadian communities.

Grade 3

Grade 3 at St. Anthony School is a very special place to be. Our ‘Gathering Celebration’, in the fall, gives us an opportunity to celebrate God’s dream for us. We make dream catchers, which the children take home, as a reminder that God does indeed have a special dream for all of us.  Science comes to life during our lifecycle unit when we raise butterflies in our classroom. The students are especially thrilled when we release the butterflies into a celebration of all the learning we have experienced in social studies throughout the year. As you can see, Grade 3 is indeed a special place to be at St. Anthony School.

Grade 4

Just being nine or ten years old is wonderful enough but being in grade four is even better! The grade four curriculum is an exciting one as the students engage in special units such as waste busting, worm (vermin) composting, using sun dials and exploring Alberta’s history.

The Mission Day Mass held annualy in Edmonton is the celebration mass for HCA. It is a fabulous experience for all who attend.

The balanced literacy reading/writing program provides ample opportunities for the students to experience literature in many forms and to respond to their reading in a number of exciting ways like comic strips, brochures, posters and their favorite plays. Grade four is a GREAT place to be!!

Grade 5

Grade 5 is an interesting and fun-filled year jam packed with many exciting learning opportunities.
The year begins with a rock hunt and students select a “class” rock which becomes our religious symbol for the year.
The rock symbolizes our togetherness and our relationship with God. Like all relationships, our relationship with God develops over
time and once established, is solid like rock.

The curriculum in Grade 5 is varied and interesting. There are many “hands on” activities and different opportunities for students to
work together.

Field trips in Grade 5 include a day of skiing at Rabbit Hill which is always enjoyed. This trip usually takes place in Feb. or March.
In June, students travel to Fort Edmonton Park to re-live and experience some of the aspects of history they learn about in the Social
Studies curriculum.

Grade 5 is GREAT!

Grade 6

Students are entering a new realm in their educational journey – life as a middle school student. With this comes increased responsibility and ownership as they are busy meandering from class to class to meet and engage with subject specific teachers. This year also brings with it the challenges of year-end cumulative Provincial Achievement Tests in all core subject areas.

We continue our faith journey that permeates throughout the curriculum. We study how Jesus provides the “light” in our world and how we can in turn provide/be that light to those around us. We celebrate our faith together through school and class masses and special celebrations. Having the opportunity to participate in an out of school retreat at the start of the year full of prayer, reflection and small and large group activities focusing on choosing and maintaining a positive attitude through trust, teamwork/leadership and self-image is a wonderful way of bringing us all together.

Grade 7

Leadership skills development is the focus of the grade seven year. Students are encouraged to examine and explore their beliefs, both in a spiritual sense and in their relationships with others. Classroom activities provide many hands on opportunities for students to share their skills and talents. Grade seven students will take part in a one-day leadership retreat where they work together as teams to conquer group challenges, and they learn to appreciate the uniqueness of each of their peers. It is also the first year students are introduced to new exciting optional courses designed to help students explore their many hidden gifts.

Grade 8

In grade 8, students begin linking their skills, knowledge, and attitude to occupational possibilities. They begin to develop employability skills in addition to continuing to develop life skills. At this stage, students begin to outline their own learning and career goals.