18th—Water Fun Day Kindergarten—Grade 4, Grade 4 classes field trip to Engle Point Blue Rapids, Monday/Wednesday Kindergarten class field trip to Hospital, School Council meeting 7:00pm, babysitting provided.
19th—Grade 6 Math Part A & B PAT, Grade 1 classes field trip to Wiley West, Grade 3 classes field trip to the Valley Zoo, Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten class field trip to Hospital
20th—Grade 6 Social PAT, Grade 2 classes field trip to Crimson Lake, Grade 1 classes Kraay Family Farms
21st—Aboriginal Day, Tim Horton’s Snack Day
22nd—Grade 6 Science PAT

Important Information for Parents/Guardians of grade 7 & 8 students;

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No microwaves for students!

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