Home Study

Home Study is an integral part of the school curriculum. It is given to students to reinforce what has been presented in class; to provide discovery of new ideas; to stimulate independent investigations; to develop in-depth understanding through long-range projects; and to provide the exploration of additional sources of information.

It is the discretion of the teacher to determine the kinds and amounts of home study appropriate to the grade level and subject. Home study may include written work, nightly reading, exam preparation, book reviews and research.

Students are responsible for completing their learning assignments on time and to the best of their abilities.
Parents can contribute to the process of learning through home study by:

  • Showing interest in the student’s work
  • Setting up an appropriate study environment
  • Consistently providing time and space to complete home study
  • Being consistent in helping the student develop good study habits
  • Encouraging the student to work independently as much as possible
  • Maintaining positive communication with your child’s teacher