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Are you a student at St. Anthony School? If so, then you’re in the right place! St. Anthony School’s student web-page is your space on our site. Is there something you’d like to add to these pages? Send us your comments.

At St. Anthony Preschool to Grade Eight school we are blessed to serve a community which is composed of families from a wide range of ethnic, cultural and faith backgrounds, We are a catholic school founded on faith in the person Jesus, striving to be a community of hope, and seeking to live out our motto, ALL DONE IN HIS NAME.

In the spirit of our Catholic Christian educational philosophy we recognize that it is important each student feels part of our school family. We strive to create an opportunity for all students to develop their God-given talents and to strive for excellence in an environment of respect, dignity and love for one another.

Our school invites you to join our faith filled, safe & caring and strong academic school. We would love to give you and your parents a tour of our school.


Student Role and Responsibilities

Background Information

As Catholic educators, the development of the whole child- spiritually, physically, intellectually, culturally, emotionally and socially – is central to our mission. To concentrate only on the academic growth of children and ignore the other dimensions of their being would be to shortchange our students. We are builders of people.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Each child, as a human, is created in the image of God and deserves the respect and dignity inherent in their humanity
  • Every incident is an opportunity to teach
  • Students learn appropriate behaviour from positive models
  • Our response to inappropriate behaviors is with fairness and consistency

At St. Anthony School, students will…

  • Treat each other with respect and kindness
  • Resolve conflict without physical violence
  • Act in a manner that is safe to themselves and others at all times
  • Respect the learning environment of the school