Parent/Guardian Concerns

We are aware that, from time to time, parents/guardians have concerns about their children’s progress at school. We want to ensure that the concerns, which you raise about your children’s education, are addressed in an efficient, effective and respectful manner. In order to do this, we would like to suggest that, when you have a concern about something that is happening at our school, you take the following steps:

  1. The parent/guardian should consult initially with the teacher. Arrange to speak with the teacher by telephone or scheduling a meeting with the teacher.
  2. If further action is felt necessary, the parents/guardians should take the matter to the administration team.

Parent Resources

Download useful resources for parents.


Grade 6 and 7 Mathematics:


Information explaining the rationale of the current math curriculum.  Includes a series of math videos.


Alberta Education’s Programs of Studies for math.  Shares the five different “strands” of study along with achievement indicators that depict the learner outcomes as reflected on report cards.

The curriculum in St. Anthony School is based on the Alberta Education Curriculum guidelines and curriculum documents.